Sisu Rhodiola Stress Caps


Sisu Rhodiola Stress Caps


Excess or unfulfi lling work, aging, poor-quality sleep, alcohol

consumption, excess exercise, and emotional upset are all sources of

stress and can take a toll on our health, increasing our risk for many

chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Signs that stress is becoming a problem can be physical or mental and

include fatigue, depression, weight gain or weight loss, hair loss, low or

lost libido, emotional changes, decreased resistance to infections.

There are many simple adjustments we can make to our diet and

lifestyle that could support the body’s natural stress-defence systems.

The additional support of an herbal adaptogen that gently normalizes

the nervous system can quickly and safely bring noticeable relief.

SISU Rhodiola Stress Caps helps support the health of the adrenal

glands, the body’s stress management centre, reduce stress-induced

fatigue, and lower elevated cortisol levels in people suffering from

stress-associated “burn out”.

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60 capsules


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