Sisu Liquid Melatonin


Sisu Liquid Melatonin


Our daily sleep/wake cycle is regulated by our “circadian rhythm”,

the physical, mental and behavioral changes in our body that follow

roughly a 24-hour cycle, responding primarily to light and darkness

in our environment. The pineal gland at the base of the brain releases

the sleep hormone, melatonin, when it gets dark, and suppresses

production in the daytime. Older people can have problems sleeping

because their melatonin levels are low.

Studies have shown that a melatonin supplement can help reset the

internal clock disrupted because of travelling and jet leg, daylight

savings time, shift work, or change in daily routine. It can also help

counteract the stress hormone cortisol as cortisol is not being released

during production of melatonin and in presence of adequate sleep

hormone levels at night. Melatonin is non-addictive and does not

produce the “hangover” effect of many sleep-aid drugs.


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