Sisu B Calm with Rhodiola


Sisu B Calm with Rhodiola


Stress, aging, active lifestyles, poor digestion, alcohol consumption,

PMS, menopause, and cardiovascular disease are just some of the

factors that increase the body’s need for B vitamins. Inadequate

intake of some B vitamins is not uncommon and deficiencies can

be associated with fatigue, insomnia, depression, and migraines.

In the diet, B vitamins are found in yeast, green leafy vegetables,

and lentils. The best sources of B12 are meat and seafood, making

supplements particularly advisable for vegetarians.

When the effects of physical or mental stress start to take a toll on

our health, the additional support of an herbal adaptogen, such as

rhodiola, that gently normalizes the nervous system, can quickly

bring noticeable relief.

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60 capsules


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